As you prepare to explore Chapter 1: How to Set the Stage for Engaged Board Leadership, first let's make sure you have all the materials you might need. Feel free to use the worksheet on page 3 of the Reference Workbook.

Please gather your current board recruitment materials for your nonprofit. This might include the board member application, your board member job description, any materials you share during conversations with potential new board members, your board member handbook, or your board recruitment plan. If your organization keeps a matrix to analyze board composition please gather it - if you aren't sure what a matrix is, we will discuss during the course.

Also please identify the coordinator for this conversation. Perhaps your board vice chair serves as the nominations coordinator for the board. Perhaps your board has a nominations and board development committees - great! - then likely the chair should also coordinate this conversation. If your board has not identified a coordinator for board recruitment, please identify one board member who will oversee the conversation here.

Finally, consider how the nonprofit staff intersects with this conversation. Who is the primary staff coordinator/contact relative to board recruitment? The partnership between staff and board must be clear and supportive for successful recruiting. Be sure to include the staff member who sends information, coordinates meetings, and provides new board member information in these conversations.

Now let's get started!!